by Voidfiller

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Recorded in the Nidis the 11-13 of
September and the 2-8 of November 2015 with the help of Anoiseon AKA Direktörn and Voidfiller.
Mixed and Mastered by Mattias Persson www.sceleris.se September 2015 and February 2016
Fartwork by Stiv, photos Anna Gullmark, Skrotart and layout by Oskar, Additional triangle on Open Water by SivSaliv


released July 6, 2016

Corelease with:

Breeding For Extinction
Profane Existence
Ruin Nation Records
Scream Records



all rights reserved


Not Enough Sweden

pro resistance, pro equality - political anti-fascist D.I.Y. punk label.... around and about since 2002..¨ based in Malmö Sweden


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Track Name: Behind The Walls
Continet of arsenicum and asbest
infesting hatred in urban minds
propaganda for scared souls
to protect their ”luxury” soil

Build up your walls real high
enough to reach poisoned skies

the dream of unity for all
constructing more decay & fall
not able to reach the quota
your land is bought into a crisis

A burning EU-topia
EU-rope around your neck

Instead of your 3rd reich views
left into a ghetto for fools
unable to realise
inside these walls we die
Track Name: After 10
After the last child's laugther
After the park closes down
After the last kiss goodnight
After the empty bottles are gone

After 22, Grim reality kicks in
After 22, No place to hide

BR: the demons are set to arise

After 22, set to leave sanctuary
After 22, bathing in (one's) own misery

After 22, the last drop of blood & sweat
After the final nightmare unleashed

After 22, I wont be here
After 22, fett dangling from a tree
Track Name: The Weight
As dragged down a hole
A weight that can't be worn
I feel the shame as I go
Body and soul get totally torn

The weight
Dead weight

From a certain degree of of shit
where inner madness collides
I feel the stench so truely
as the rot can heal the lie

The weight
Dead weight
Track Name: Rest
Sick and tired , wanna spew it out
This daily rat-race ,this faul competition
The point where others crack
has been reached in the past

No matter what lays in front
the clock has broken down
Under the sheets i lay my ground
6 feet under an isolated past

Unable to find a peacefull rest
fueled by a pest

the wheels of my machinery
reap aloud non stop
Track Name: Auto-Charity
who doesn't love a lost cause
from selfish ergoism pleasure
the guilt washed away
to live in peace for another day

No wish for a future
chains soon be unlocked

Our human instinct programed to please
our need for auto-happiness, a sign of greed
to fullfill the feel good factor inside
to use other ones to keep aive

Prey on the lost one's soon to leave
pay with false love to satisfy your needs
A slowly farewell for allready forgotten cause
Another lost cause, easy to please

expl. The urge to donate, just for our self interest
Track Name: Sworn
The pact is written & signed
the contract of fear, and slowly drown
Signed in the blood of millions of souls
Engraved, my own epitaph of thoughts

Sworn, never again
Sworn, to die a bit more

the belief in anyone, anything, gone
the route is drawn
no heaven or safe haven is my port
no gods no masters can save this soul

Sworn, to walk alone
Sworn, to suffocate my own choice
Track Name: Crumble
time wasted on modesty
and infernal doubt
just one touch away
and it's still not enough
to carres, to hold
to forget about the cold

Fall apart

this cage caleld mind
this burden is my heart
fed by blood, the motor restarts
too much electricity passing by
a fine confortable mess, my mind
scared to break through

Fall apart

Battles approach, an inner conflict
the will to do, the invitation to take control
the wispers of wisdom, passin by
the shout of reason dies
Livin the moment as it's the last
choices taken when logic fries
Track Name: Much And Many
Too many thoughts
Too much to say
Too small to think
Too lil to do anything

Too much of this world destruction terms
Too many of us to breath and provide our swarm

Too dumb to care and realise
Too less to come outside
Too humble to stand up
Too small to feel & give a fuck
Track Name: Open Water
Brought into lies
by tucks and ties
Sent by the reeper
in the mudshits deeper

In a world of shit
some refuse to swallow
Behind all the sacred
all seems so shallow

Round their tables
it is all about the faith
What`s not for sale
on your knees (praying ) in a drowning grave